TPBB was born out of our owner/head baker's long misdiagnosed case of Celiac Disease and the desire to provide an opportunity for a more fulfilling existence as a celiac.  As every celiac knows, there can be no ingesting , breathing in or touching of gluten flours allowed or serious skin, intestinal tract distress, brain fog, chronic fatigue and/or urticaria can result. 


Before diagnosis, a very strict AutoImmune Paleo Protocol got our head baker back on track in under two years.  But she missed breakfast scones, muffins, sourdough breads, pies and cookies.  Crafting baked goods from high quality gluten flours was her first love but with the CD diagnosis and the ever increasing number of gluten related health issues faced by family, friends and our customers, it became obvious we needed to focus on more than just high quality, delicious baked goods. 

Our head baker began experimenting with gluten free flours like buckwheat, millet, amaranth, teff,  and sorghum.  Our breads, sweet loaves, scones, muffins and some of our cookies are created using different combinations of these flours.  Most of our creations are free of gums, all are free of oats, rice, potato and corn.   Potato and corn flour have been replaced with ground flaxseeds and/or psyllium husk and arrowroot flour, in an effort to minimize exposure to these common allergens.  The nutritious ancient grain are milled in small batches and used immediately to produce our bakes goods.


As a result our baked goods have that old world taste and texture associated with old world grains and seeds.  It is imperative that our product remain as nutrient dense as possible. So, we mill our grains in small batches to be used almost immediately.  We use only milk, butter and eggs from local pasture raised cows and chickens.  Our vanilla, chocolate, dried fruits and nuts are gluten free, organic and in some cases fair trade.  At least eighty percent of our ingredients are organic and all are gluten free. 

Because complications from Celiac Disease can result in infertility, intestinal cancers, urticaria, angioedema, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and digestive issues, we at TPBB take our mission seriously.  We strive to make our product delicious, even delectable and healing at the same time.  All of our creations have lots of love and healing goodness piped into each one.   


gluten free organic flour blends


lectin free granola

Sweet Loaves

purple sweet potato (Ube) swirl pound cake

Sourdough Breads

gluten free (organic natural) yeast sourdough breads


gluten free organic cranberry scones

Quick Breads

gluten free organic banana pecan bread


gluten free organic zucchini ginger muffins


gluten free organic shingled apple pie


peach and persimmon handpies


gluten free organic triple chocolate tart cherry cookies


anise glazed italian christmas cookies

Decorated Butter Cookies

gluten free organic ice cream parlor cookies